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Landen's Lucky Charms

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Team Progress

From The Team Captain

This is Landen's first Buddy Walk with his very own team! He's so excited to celebrate how special he is with everyone he loves. Please consider joining his team and/or making a donation to show your support for Landen and the DSA.

From DSA of Delaware

As a volunteer association, 100% of contributions received are directed to the education and support of DSA of Delaware members and its mission. We thank you for your generosity and your support.

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Team Members
NameMember Type
Baker, ValerieDonor
Barone, MaryDonor
Bernardo, MarceloDonor
Bernardo, StacieWalker
Bernstein, SaritaDonor
Bollman, MelissaWalker, Donor
Brutout, EmilyDonor
Buell, MelissaDonor
Campbell, ChristiDonor
Casella, JulianaWalker
Casella, MichaelWalker, Donor
Casella, WandaDonor
Castro, DaysiWalker
Chadwick, AmyWalker, Donor
Coale, AmandaDonor
Coleman, LoriWalker
Corrado, AmeDonor
Corvino, MarcWalker
COX, LEROYWalker, Donor
Dall'Asta, Silvano and SylviaDonor
Deaver, SandyWalker
DelPilar, CrystalWalker, Donor
Domyan, RichardWalker, Donor
Donahue, PatriceWalker
Eckenrod, BridgetDonor
Finamore, HeatherWalker
Frounfelker, BrendaDonor
Greene, HeatherWalker, Donor
Greene, LindaWalker, Donor
Greene, MackDonor
HALLER, LINDAWalker, Donor
Hartman, KarenDonor
Harwood, CameronDonor
Harwood, JenniferDonor
Harwood, MeganWalker
Harwood, MeganCaptain
Harwood, MichaelWalker
Healthcare, CadiaDonor
Henry, GeoffreyDonor
Jordan, BillyDonor
Lancaster, CathyDonor
Lederer, Bernie.Donor
Lynerd, CharleneDonor
Mahoney, DennisWalker
McCormick, DavidDonor
McCormick, GabrielleWalker, Donor
McCormick, KristinWalker
McGowen, NicoleDonor
Medina-Nadal, MariluDonor
Miller, Gina and MarkDonor
Moyer, DanielleDonor
O'Brien, JillianDonor
peters, jamieWalker, Donor
Piaskowski, GlendaWalker
Piaskowski, JenWalker
Poore, AngieWalker
Richards, NitaDonor
Ringer, KatieWalker, Donor
Salvia, Thomas & SherryWalker
Salvia, TommyDonor
Schweizer, DanielleWalker
Shekiro, HollisDonor
Shuey, KayDonor
skelly, jeanDonor
Steward, JennieWalker, Donor
Sullivan, PamWalker, Donor
Taylor, SarahWalker
Thomas, JasonWalker
Walker, KarenDonor
Walling, BarbraDonor
Weikle, KarenDonor
Weikle, ShannonWalker, Donor
Willoughby, RhondaWalker, Donor
Willoughby, ToddWalker
Woodard, Susan EWalker
Wunderer, KellyWalker, Donor